Disney Pixar’s Inside Out bring Amy Poehler to Australia!

Inside Out

Amy Poehler is set to visit Australia for the first time next month, joining Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera to promote the June 18th release of Disney Pixar’s new film Inside Out. The trio will arrive in Sydney on Monday June 15, attending the Australian Premiere of “Inside Out” at Sydney’s Event Cinemas George Street that evening, before continuing their support of the film with a press tour over the following days.

The film is set to be a hilarious undertaking with Poehler being joined by the likes of Lewis Black and Dan Hader, Mindy Kalling and Phyllis Smith. The five iconic performers voice the five emotions that govern the actions of eleven year old Riley. “Inside Out” opens to the public June 18. Check it out here.


Life is Strange: Chaos Theory


With a release date set just over a week ago today brings with it ‘Chaos Theory’ the much anticipated third installment to the Life is Strange’ series by Square Enix. PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation® 4 gamers alike are eager to dive into what is set to be the most exciting installment to date.

‘Chaos Theory’ will take players into the heart of Blackwell Academy in their continued search for more clues regarding Rachel Amber’s disappearance.

Still waiting for the game to download?? Check out the launch trailer to give yourself a little taste of what’s to come. Note the reappearance of some familiar faces!

Not familiar with the series? We most certainly suggest you get familiar with what is shaping up to be a most enjoyable series indeed.


Mario Gold and Silver Amiibo Are Store Exclusives in Australia


Like Pokemon in the early 2000’s, amiibo lovers and collectors have been clawing at each other to, “Catch ’em All” since their release in November last year. Now with the pending release of the new solid gold and solid silver Mario’s, the danger in local department stores seems to be greater than ever.

In a frivolous attempt perhaps to control the madness the latest releases will be exclusive to stores. So where can you get them and make sure you keep all your fingers? Easy…

The Silver Mario:

You can pick this one up at EB games and with a release date set for the 30th of May you can already feel the tension begin to rise every time you walk into your local store. Our advice if you’re hoping to secure your trophy we suggest you pre-order at EB ONLINE.

The Gold Mario:

Exclusive to Target stores, no current release date and no foreseeable way to pre-order, The Gold Mario is going to prove quite the challenge to acquire. Our advice start training for the bloodbath now.