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Archives / 2010 / October

Fallout (30 Seconds) *Update*

Anyone who knows me knows I love fallout! The days i’ve lost to fallout 3 are uncountable. This over excited spur of the moment 30 Second film was made... Read On

New Crane and Camera!

Gone are the days of standard definition! Gone are the days of ONLY handheld and tripod shots! We’re entering a new age full of new possibilities! With a brand... Read On

1 in 10000 + College Humor Review

1 in 10000 A reality altering watch, a missing sandwich and a world full of weapons. This is Somewhat Awesome! Read On

Man Made Goodness

Somewhat Awesome Films created a commercial for Doritos Read On

E.T. Remake + Rocketboom Review

E.T. Remake… Just as sweet and friendly as Spielbergs version. Read On

Space Invaders (mock trailer)

Space Invaders, created using 3Ds Max and After Effects. This isn’t your fathers Space Invaders Read On

Love Jam

2009 Melbourne Comedy Festival Idioclips Finalist. Read On

Blue Tac Man vs Mustard (Classic)

Blue Tac Man was my frist series back in 2008. I wanted to make movies but didn’t have the skill or the actors…. So I made my actors and... Read On

Adelaide C31

Somewhat Awesome Films are currently working on developing a sketch show series for C31 television station. Stay tuned for updates on its progress. The show will be called ‘Testostezone’ Read On

New Site Design

Welcome to our new site design! You’ll still be able to find links to our videos in our videos section. Be sure to watch them and let us know... Read On